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Don’t be afraid to get work towards Being Successful…. Consult The Expert and Implement Only Result Oriented Business Growth Strategies.

Know about Milind?

Digital Growth Hacker

Hi, my name is Milind Joshi and I am a Digital Growth Hacker based out of Pune. 

Mechanical Engineer by education and an Entrepreneur by nature.

Have 22+ years on corporate experience in Mechanical, IT & Digital Domains. 

Fortunate to get workign with TOP Brands like MAN Energy Solutions, TATA Technologies, Kalyani Forge Limited, UTC Aerospace Systems, General Motors, Institute For Generative Leadership, K-Pra, Prakruti JiyoFresh and many more..

Founder of Digital Growth Circle and Co-founder of “Best Brand Award” Winning Company, Digital Help. 

This venture is also listed as one of “TOP 20 Most Promising” Inbound Marketing Companies of the year.

Specializes in Designing, Consulting & Implementation of Business Growth Strategies.

I am on a mission to help 100,000 Solopreneurs, Small & Medium Business Owners Grow their business using result-oriented business growth strategies.

Growth Marketing

I am a firm beliver that a "Good Digital Marketing Strategy is the one which Produces Results to Grow your Business Revenue" and not the one which just creates a buzz around.

A product / service solving critical problems of your customers is utmost important in business, however what if you could not reach to your potential audience who need it the most? There comes digital marketing playing very important role. Identifying your potential customer,reaching out to them, communicating your message to them and bringing them in to your sales funnel are key steps in digital marketing domain. If this is not followed properly and just went ahead spending money here and there would not grow your business. As it’s true that your business project is incomplete without the stragic plan so is true in marketing. It’s highly difficult to be successful in your marketing without clearly laid out digital marketing strategy.

Result Oriented Digital Marketing Strategies in All Aspects

You will find a lot of Free information all over internet and very easy to start implementing the same. You get attracted towards it and start implementing by your own. But it’s like taking medication advice from Google. This may cure you for the time being, I mean produce results for some time but may bring in adverse effects in long term. You might see somethignis working for someone else and you try to replicate the same for your business and this may go wrong for you. With this you will have to go through lot of trial & errors.

After working with 150+ different size companies, some of them were as beginners as starting part time business to some establised brands & organizations for more than 3 decades.

What I leraned in the process is, as “Each Indicidual Is Unique, So Does Each Business Entity” We cannot fit one size shoe to every one. It must be customized for each individual business based on the personality of the business. Putting down a customized digital marketing strategy is very important in this case.   Are you getting what I want to say?

Do you resonate that your business needs a special care while it comes to crafting digital marketing for you?

Do you find it is very important to stay away from “shiney object syndrom” & be focused on just those things what’s needed to be done? If Yes then You are at the right place. Talk to me now.

Some Esteemed Clients I Have Worked with: