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Sidz Siddharth Rajsekar
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  • 5 Reasons Why People Fail In A Knowledge Business
  • 5 Types Of Experts In A Digital Age


  • 7 Most Profitable Niches To Become A Digital Coach
  • The “5P” Niche Validation System To Get Better ROI
  • How To Develop A 4-Stage Knowledge Business Stack
  • 3 Components Of An Automated Knowledge System


  • Top 5 Skills Which Can Help You Grow Exponentially
  • 3 Categories Of People Who Will Make It
  • The Ultimate Training System To Achieve Freedom

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Vick Strizheus Four Percent
Vick Strizheus, Founder @
Gaurav Gurbaxani
Gaurav Gurbaxani aka GG, Founder of India's 1st #gigeconomy platform

Gaurav is a digital marketer obsessed with helping people making money online. He is the founder of and and the co-author of the upcoming book, Get F-Ready.

The world has changed dramatically in the last 14 years & there is no longer need to convince people to take their businesses online but help them simplify the processes and take the reins into their own hands, which is why he focus on teaching, mentoring and connecting freelancers and businesses on india’s first #gigeconomy marketplace,

If you are a complete digital marketer, or any specific service provider within digital domain like —

Website / Landing Page Designing, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Optimization, Creative Designing such as Banners, Post Creatives, Logo or any of that sort, Copy Writing, eBook Designer,  Short or Long Form Video Editor, then you can’t miss this place

And if you are a

Solopreneur, Small & Medium Business Owner or a Large Corporate Business Entity looking for Internationally Certified Freelance Professionals / Teams to help you take care of any of above and many such services, you can’t afford to checkout this amazing aggrigator platform. Here you will also find all required systems at one place called DMOS (Digital Marketing Operating Suit) 

– A ONE STOP SOLUTION for your Online Business Development & Automation.


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